ABRAFRUTAS's mission is to be a reference as a representative of Brazilian fruit growing for the national and international market, providing its associates with a range of services aimed at facilitating the referral, monitoring and resolution of the main problems faced by the fruit production chain. These services are provided through a support team based in Brasilia that, together with the applicant, decides the best strategy to be used according to the type of demand.

In general, ABRAFRUTAS offers its associates services related to the following objectives:

  • Strengthening of associates and improvement of relations between entities and producers;
  • Execution of institutional campaigns of flea and commercial promotion:
  • Defense of rights and referral of claims of associates before the executive and legislative branches;
  • Conclusion of agreements and partnerships with public and private authorities aimed at strengthening fruit growing;
  • Promotion of research, conferences, weekly, fairs and training courses;
  • Monitoring of unfair practices of competing markets;
  • Institutional representation of associates;
  • Promote discussion forums of issues relevant to the sector such as: Registration of phytosanitary products, certifications, good production practices, food safety, logistics, marketing, packaging, market access, among other issues of common interest.